Who can participate?

  • Recent students and graduates (up to two years after finishing their studies) from universities and training centers in advertising and business communication around the world.
  • The age limit to participate is 25 years.
  • Participation can be individual or in group.



Campaigns or audiovisual pieces that can be seen on film and / or television.

Branded Content

Those pieces that aim to generate content that connects a brand with the consumer. Ideas thought, not to sell products or services, but to transmit values, emotions, ways of thinking and elements, capable of generating a connection with the brand.

Comprehensive Campaigns

All those pieces that are based on a great idea. And from it a number of pieces are released that give magnitude to the message, integrating the contents to achieve greater effectiveness of the message.


Consumer products, such as health-promoting foods (with added or removed ingredients such as lactose-free or omega-3 milk) to pharmaceuticals (either prescription or over-the-counter.) Also, announcements of health messages broadcast by institutions public or private.


Websites, microsites, online publications, app’s, etc.


Campaigns or pieces of advertising in newspapers, magazines or newsletters.
 Campaigns or outdoor advertising pieces (billboards, posters, advertisements, screens, tarpaulins, vehicle signs, mupis, canopies, …).


Campaigns or pieces of advertising for radio.

Special categories

Creativity in 24 hours

Submit a campaign proposal on a real advertiser briefing in 24 hours!

GrandPrix Complot

A scholarship for a course in Complot for the best piece of the entire festival (except the pieces presented to Creativity in 24 hours)

Audiovisual, Branded Content, Comprehensive Campaigns, Digital, Healthcare, Graphics, Radio

Deadline: October 27, 23:55 h

Creativity in 24 hours

Briefing: November 15, 10:00 h

Deadline: November 16, 10:00 h

Consult the bases to know all the information about the categories and the accepted formats.